Press Release – July 12, 2016

On October 03-09 2016, the 2016 Edition of “Ecopreneurs for the Climate” -ECO4CLIM16, the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement- will take place in cities, towns and communities across the world. In 2015, 7 major cities from 4 different countries participated in ECO4CLIM15, gathering more than 150 green businesses, 250 organizations and 500 green economy professionals, to address climate change via socially-empowering and financially-viable business solutions. This year, ECO4CLIM16 is expanding its reach worldwide, with a focus on the Euro-MED region, given the COP22 Climate Summit is taking part in Morocco. So far, local organizers from several cities in Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, France, Spain, Chile, and Argentina, have expressed interest in joining this global movement.


If in 2015 the voice, needs, and impact of participating ecopreneurs and global partners were brought to world decision makers at the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris two weeks after ECO4CLIM15; in 2016, workshops on “sustainable business networks” are planned to be organized at SwitchMed Connect 2016 -The Mediterranean Green Economy Forum (Barcelona, October 18-20)-, and at the Sustainable Innovation Forum at the COP22 (Marrakech, November 14-15), for ECO4CLIM’s change agents to participate and spur eco-innovation and international collaboration for sustainable development. While in Paris a groundbreaking deal was reached -the Paris Agreement-, Marrakech will initiate the work to effectively implementing it on the ground. In this regard, ECO4CLIM’s goal is to reach out to communities around the globe, and provide them with business solutions for the climate (mitigation and adaptation) and the people, by strengthening green economy ecosystems and empowering ecopreneurs and sustainable SMEs.

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Within this global week of action, ECO4CLIM16 events comprise multi-stakeholder eco-innovation workshops and the Climate Champion Awards, wrapped up in a dynamic, one-day format. Besides the main protagonists -ecopreneurs and SMEs- other key players include:
  • Local organizers: well-connected organizations and professionals at the heart of their local green economy ecosystems. They run and lead the events in their cities, towns or communities; and exchange best practices with peers across the network.
  • Global partners: world-class companies and organizations leading the transition towards sustainability by example. They actively participate in the events (including the international forums mentioned), presenting their vision and groundbreaking projects, engaging in open co-creation processes to tackle their climate-related challenges, exchanging fresh ideas with ecopreneurs, and mentoring the Climate Champions.
The call is now open for climate champions (ecopreneurs, SMEs, local organizers, and global partners) to join this empowering “glocal” movement, and lead communities around the world to a climate-change-free and just future.

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