ECOVE – Spanish Association of Green Business -, has recently been established as a not-for-profit business association, in order to transfer the voice of its members (SMEs and professionals leading the way in environmental sustainability) to political bodies in Spain and Europe, as partner of -European Sustainable Business Federation-, seeking to improve legislation towards a green and equitable economy. In the coming months, ECOVE will be presented in different cities across the country.

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Mission & objectives

ECOVE’s mission is to catalyze a sustainable economy in Spain and Europe, by strengthening business ecosystems and bringing the voice of SMEs and ecopreneurs to decision makers. On the road to that mission, the following objectives guide our step:
  • Consult and defend the needs and interests of all the companies, members of the Association, working for a green and equitable economy.
  • To serve as an instrument to improve laws and public policies in the transition towards a green and equitable economy.
  • Contribute to the development, promotion, and interconnection of the regional green economy ecosystems exising in Spain.

  • Origins and initial social mass

    ECOVE has its origins in Greenbiz, which acted as the partner in Spain of since January 2015. In February 2016, Greenbiz joined forces with Ciclogreen and many other sustainable SMEs from its network to lay the foundations stone of ECOVE, with a clear common goal: bring the voice of SMEs and ecoentrepeneurs to policy makers at national and European level.

    As of today, March 15, 2016, ECOVE has an initial social mass of 30 companies and professionals working in the green economy. Growth perspectives are high, thanks to the “network of networks” structure explained below.


    To meet its goals, ECOVE undertakes the following activities:
  • Organization of days of debate, outreach and networking on the green economy.
  • Regular consultation of members’ needs, in relation with the scaling up of their projects’ social and environmental impact.
  • Drafting, and dissemination to relevant stakeholders, of documents and position papers for political advocacy purposes.
  • Drafting and broadcasting of press releases.
  • Publication of articles in media, magazines, bulletins, congresses, forums, and other means of communication.

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    Network of partners

    ECOVE is a network of networks, an ecosystem of companies, professionals and organizations pushing for a green and equitable economy in Spain and Europe. Its collaborative and distributed nature takes shape as a network of partners, working to empower and promote SMEs and ecopreneurs that lead the way in environmental sustainability, from different geographical areas and multiple sectors.

    International network

    ECOVE is the partner in Spain of – European Sustainable Business Federation –, which is formed by national green business associations, playing the same role as ECOVE in their respective european countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.





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