After a successful launch in Vienna (January 22), and engaging co-creation workshops in Madrid (January 29) and Barcelona (June 5), -Europe’s Green Business Network– takes it to the next level with “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015“. #ECO4CLIM15 comprises a series of events happening simultaneously in several European countries (France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain), along the week of November 23-28 2015, right before the COP21 Climate Summit. Its goal is to share and scale up the contribution of Green Business to the Climate Movement.

A “Climate Lunch”, a “Train to Paris”, co-creation breakfasts, the Climate Champion Awards … and a variety of other activities for and by Ecopreneur’s network of green businesses and partners. All in pursuit of economically-sound and socially-empowering business solutions to the climate challenge (mitigation and adaptation). “To tackle our greatest challenge, we need to build our greatest movement”. On our way to a significant outcome at the COP21, -Europe’s Green Business Network- we join the Climate Movement. Detailed information on the program and registration:

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